We share Knowledge,
                     Understand why,
                        Educate communities and companies,
                          Leverage current best practices and create new ones
                            all around Water...

Water is the most important issue of we face.  It is imperative we address today's and tomorrow's water issues.

Mission Statement

KUELWater shares KNOWLEDGE helping people UNDERSTAND why EDUCATING communities to LEARN how to conserve and reuse WATER is the most important issue of our lifetimes. We accomplish this by providing guidance to local and state governments, communities and business on water policies, education outreach programs and research studies.

KUELWater is a 501.3(c) non-profit. 


Doug Pushard initially founded over 20 years ago as a personal expression of his interest in the subject of rainwater catchment and water conservation. Doug has been published and featured in several magazines, including: ARCSA Newsletter, BUILDERnews, New York Times, High Country News, Back Home, EcoStructure, Green Fire Times, Home Power, Lowe's Online, OnTap, Plenty, Santa Fe Real Estate Magazine, Santa Fean Magazine, Smart HomeOwner, SUN Monthly, Sustainable Santa Fe, Sustainable Taos, Timber Home Living, Taos News, Turf Magazine, Water Today, Fox News, Green Patriot Radio and others. Additionally, Doug has presented on rainwater and water conservation at conferences around the United States.

Doug has designed and worked with businesses, home-owners and local contractors to install small-to-large residential water management systems.

He is a EPA

Doug, co-founded KuelWater has a