KUELWater is focused on water efficiency, water conservation, and water reuse in the residential and commercial sectors and the related water policies to assist these efforts. 

Below are a few of the activities KUELWater has been involved in:


  • The Next Generation Water Summit (NGWS)  an annual event held in Santa Fe, NM.  The NGWS is focused on water and water issues surrounding the Colorado River Basin states.  It brings builders, architects, policy makers and water professional together to share Knowledge and discover the best practices used by other locales in water and water reuse policy.  KuelWater is a co-founder of this event and assists every year in bringing in experts from around the world.
  • Gathering and bringing new data and information to the table is critical to building new Knowledge.

  • Putting water conservation and water efficiency efforts into perspective is critical to helping us Understand the importance of these efforts.  Knowing how is important, regardless if it's Irrigation Best Practices, How to Build a Rainbarrel, Residential or Commercial Water Efficiency programs but also Understanding the why and the why not helps others and educates others to the cause. 

  • The City of Santa Fe has embarked on a Commercial Water Conservation program.  The City has partnered with KuelWater, Bill Hoffman, the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce and Santa Fe Community College to develop a comprehensive program to Educate students and building operators from around the country how to measure and implement the latest water savings technologies in commercial buildings.  KuelWater is a proud member of this team and program that to date has saved over 1,000,000 gallons of water.  To find out about the program visit the links below:

  • No matter whether it is the Green Builder Coalition, the NGWS, the City of Santa Fe, QWEL, or the any other programs; KuelWater strives to bring key partners to the effort to Leverage their expertise and experiences.   It is through these collaborative efforts of that these award winning and water savings programs are built, maintained and improved.
These are just of few of the programs KuelWater has been involved in over the years.  Contact us to find out more about what we might do for you. 

New Mexico Graywater Task Force